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August 2018 Newsletter

Summer Reading Club (all ages)

Summer Reading Club for all ages runs until August 6th. You can register online or in person at your library. Prize drawings will vary from library to library so contact your branch for details. Be sure to log your reading minutes (online or in person at the library)!

Technology Training at CCLD Libraries

Tech Training Lab

All classes are free and registration is required. To register for Steele classes call 733-9175; for Horseheads classes call 739-4581; for Van Etten classes call 589-4755 x3. All Steele classes take place in the Technology Training Lab.

Click the links below, for full event descriptions:

August 16, 6pm - Introduction to Inkscape (Steele)
August 17, 11am - Introduction to Laser Engraving (Steele)
August 20, 1:30pm - Tablet Talk (Van Etten)
August 21, 1pm - Tablet Talk (Steele)
August 22, 6pm - Basic Video Editing (Steele)
August 28, 2pm - Tablet Talk (Horseheads)

Tech Tutoring

Horseheads - Tuesdays, 7:00-7:45pm - Informal Q&A sessions, limited to 2 students per session.

Makerspace Certification Classes

3D Printer

To schedule a training session for one of our certification classes (see below), please call 607-733-6809 during the Tinker Lab's open hours, or E-mail us at: labcentral@stls.org.

Digital Media Lab Certification at Steele

Become certified to use the Digital Media Lab - Learn how to record a video, edit the video and use a green screen to add background effects. You must have a parent present if you are under 16. Once you have completed the certification class, you can use the Digital Media Lab at Steele independently.

3D Printer Certification at Steele

Become certified in the use of the 3D printers at the Steele Memorial Library Makerspace. Learn how to change filament in the printers, navigate the display menus, and utilize the slicer software for optimizing your 3D prints. Completion of the certification process will allow you to use the 3D printers independently. Anyone under the age of 16 will be supervised in the use of the 3D printer.

Tinker Lab @ Steele

Stop by the Tinker Lab to take a class or use the lab equipment independently anytime the lab is open.

Tinker Lab Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday: 12:00PM - 7:30PM
Friday: 12:00PM - 4:00PM

New Makerspace Workshop: Water Bottle Laser Engraving
Learn to use the laser engraver to personalize your water bottle. Patrons must bring their own bottles (aluminum or steel bottles with a colored coating). Plastic bottles are not allowed. For more information, call 607-733-8609.

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

August 21, 6:30pm - Water Bottle Laser Engraving Workshop

August 23, 6:30pm - Sewing Class

Steele Memorial

Adult Events @ Steele

Game Night with Rainy Toad Gaming

We are having a special after-hours game night for adults on Friday, August 3rd at 6:30pm, featuring virtual reality games from Rainy Toad Gaming as well as older games like Pacman, board games, and snacks!

Later this month there will be a special outdoor edition of "So bad, it's good!" Movie Night in the parking lot, next to the viaduct. Watch and heckle Eegah! Bring your own chair! Snacks will be provided!

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

August 2, 6:30pm - Delectable Drawings (Hometown Art with Wynn Yarrow)

August 3, 2pm - Musically Inspired Abstract Painting with Filomena

August 3, 6:30pm - After-Hours Adults Only Game Night with Rainy Toad Gaming

August 7, 6pm - Tabletop Gaming for Adults

August 7, 7pm - Summer Concert - Three Finger Leroy

August 9, 1-3pm - Introduction to ancestry.com

August 13, 20, 27, 4:30pm - Tai Chi Classes

August 16, 1-3pm - Brick wall busting: genealogy research free-for-all

August 16, 1-4:30pm - Adult End of Summer Reading Painting & Reception Party

August 20, 2pm - Rock Painting with Emma

August 17, 2pm - Friday Film - Sully

August 17, 8:30pm - Outdoor Bad Movie Night - Eegah!

August 27, 7pm - Book Club ("Pachinko" by Min Jin Lee)

August 30, 6pm - Thursday Movie - Deadpool 2 (rated R)

Weekly Programs

Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30pm - Adult Writing Group
Wednesdays, 9-4pm - Chess Club
Wednesdays, 12:30-2pm - Knit & Crochet Club

Teen Events @ Steele (12-18 yrs)


Know a teen that is a fashion enthusiast, model, or loves dressing up?  Teen Kyheam Hughes is starting a teen-led fashion club at Steele Library on Wed. August 15! Develop your style, inspire each other, and explore everything from putting on a show to creating your designs. All genders welcome, in grades 7-12.

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

August 1, 2pm - Black Light Party

August 7, 6pm - Teen Game Night: with Dungeons & Dragons for Newbies!

August 8, 6:30pm - Safe Zones (LGBTQ) teens & friends. Tie Dye project.

August 14, 6:30pm - Make a Cloud Light

August 14 & 28, 5:00pm - Teen Advisory Group meeting (all teens welcome)

August 15, 6:00pm - Elmira's High End Fashion Club (NEW)

August  15, 6:30pm - Safe Zones (for LGBTQ teens & friends): Self Love Project

August  17, 8:30pm - Outdoor Bad Movie Night: Movie: "Eegah!"

August 21, 6:30pm - Teen Game Night

August 27, 6:30pm - Teen Monday Manga/Anime Club

August 28, 6:30pm - TEEN Water bottle engraving! Bring your metal water bottle.

Youth Events @ Steele

Summer Reading Club wraps up Monday, August 6th, make sure to add your minutes by 9:00pm! Participants can stop by the youth desk to learn about the Eldridge Park Summer Reading Club Party!

Weekly Groups
Scavenger Hunt - All month long, no set time.
Storytime will resume in September.

Big Flats

Summer Reading Club ends this month! If your child participated, contact the Big Flats Library for information about the end of Summer Reading Club youth event at Eldridge Park (open to program participants): 607-562-3300.

Stop by the Big Flats Library on Saturday, August 18th from 1-5pm for the Big Flats Library Carnival & Concert. There will be games and prizes for free, and  popcorn, water and ice cream available for purchase. The Lori Lynn Barrett Band will start playing at 5pm.


PaintingThe end of summer reading club party for adults will be on August 16 from 1-4:30pm.  We will have a painting class at Steele Library from 1-3 and light refreshments and prizes from 3-4:30pm.  Registration is required for the painting portion: 733-9175.

Bookmobile will be at Strong Kids Safe Kids from 10-2pm on August 18th.  Stop and see the Bookmobile and get your summer reading tattoo. Bookmobile will be at Wellsburg Community Days and Parade on August 25 from 10am-2pm with games and prizes! On August 30th, 3:30-5:30pm Bookmobile will be at the Elmira Community Kitchen (160 High Street) for the Chemung County back to school kick off program.

Our book club for adults meets the 2nd Friday of the month at the Bulkhead stop in Southport at 1:30pm. We will discuss "One thousand White Women" by Ruth Jim Fergus on August 10th.  This month we are reading "1000 Watch me Disappear" by Janelle Brown to discuss in September.

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

August 10, 1:30pm - Book Club

August 16, 1pm-4:30pm - End of SRC Painting & Reception (painting is 1-3pm, reception is 3-4:30pm)

August 18, 10-2pm - Strong Kids Safe Kids

August 25, 10-2pm - Wellsburg Community Days & Parade

August 30, 3:30-5:30pm - Back to School Kickoff


Tai ChiAdult Events @ Horseheads

In August at Horseheads, we continue our series of T'ai Chi classes. Also, sign up to learn all about your tablet or smartphone! Registration is required for all programs. Call 739-4581 to register.

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

August 7, 10am - T'ai Chi Class
August 14, 10am - T'ai Chi Class
August 21, 10am - T'ai Chi Class
August 28, 10am - T'ai Chi Class
August 28, 2pm - Tablet Talk

Youth Events @ Horseheads

Do you have what it takes to go to kindergarten?  Work your way through stations that focus on skills you will need to be successful in kindergarten. *This program is intended for kids that will be entering kindergarten in September.*
Booker's Clubhouse continues through August 9.

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

Thursdays, 10:30am - Booker's Clubhouse
August 21, 6pm - Kindergarten Bootcamp

Van Etten

Field DayThe Van Etten library will be hosting our 4th annual "Field Day" on Wednesday, August 15th at 2:30. Bring your swim suit and towel for an awesome afternoon of water activities! Also, the Summer Reading Club final prize drawings to be held at 4:30.

Click the links below for full event descriptions:

August 15, 2:30-4:30pm - Field Day at Van Etten Library!

August 20, 1:30PM - Tablet Talk

August 22 & 29, 3:30-4:30 - Back to school supplies: Create your own personalized pencil pouch, note book & folder.

August 31, 12:15pm - Book Club meeting

West Elmira

Mondays, 1pm - Bridge Club
Tuesdays, 11am - Gentle Yoga with Karen
Fridays, 1pm - Bridge Club

Fourth Monday of every month, 6:30pm - Cookbook Book Club
Second and Fourth Wednesday of every month, 4pm - LEGO Club

For more information about these and other events, visit the CCLD Events Calendar: http://tinyurl.com/ccldevents

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